Becoming an Expert in Reclaimed Wood in Franklin County, MA

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How much do you know about reclaimed wood in Franklin County, MA? Are you a novice DIY-er looking to learn more? Are you an experienced professional who wants to learn about the advantages of using reclaimed wood for your projects?

Whether you would love to incorporate this material into your next construction plan or are a skeptic who is wondering what all the fuss is about, we have answers. Use the following FAQ about reclaimed wood in Franklin County, MA to learn the basics of this intriguing material.

What is reclaimed wood in Franklin County, MA?

No, this is not the same as recycled wood. Recycled wood is processed to create new material. Reclaimed wood remains in its original state and is reused. For example, planks from a floor in a vintage home can be reclaimed to be re-laid in a modern loft apartment.

Where does reclaimed wood in Franklin County, MA come from?

Reclaimed wood comes from many sources. Common methods to reclaim wood include post-consumer reclaimed wood. This method involves reclaiming wood from old structures. Post-industrial reclaimed wood, meanwhile, is material that is reclaimed during the manufacturing of other pieces. In other words, the scraps do not go to waste.

Reclaimed wood can also come directly from nature. Dead or dying trees that are harvested from orchards or the forest floor are considered reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood can also come from logs and trees that have been submerged in bodies of water.

What are the advantages of using reclaimed wood in Franklin County, MA?

Reclaimed wood has soared in popularity in recent years, for several reasons. One of the main factors has been the push for sustainable materials. Choosing materials that are eco-friendly has become a top priority for many builders and consumers alike. Since no new trees must be cut down to use reclaimed wood, this is a great solution for green construction.

Reclaimed wood in Franklin County, MA also offers great strength and durability. While it might be tempting to think that used wood will wear out quickly and offer less strength than new wood, the opposite is actually true. This wood has already undergone expansion and contraction, and is often denser than new wood, so it is less likely to warp. Often, older planks are also wider than newer ones, offering greater stability and strength.

What kind of wood can be reclaimed?

Nearly all species of wood can be reclaimed. Among the most popular reclaimed woods are oak, cedar, redwood, fir and pine. Exotic woods can also be reclaimed.

Ask the Experts

If you’d like to learn more about reclaimed wood in Franklin County, MA, reach out to the industry leaders at Forest Products Associates. We’ve been the area’s go-to source for lumber since 1946. We carry over 50 species of wood, from mahogany and cherry to maple and purple heart. Our knowledgeable team would be happy to answer any questions you have about reclaimed wood or our other products and services. Contact us today to learn more!

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