About Our Business

May I have lumber shipped to my location?
Yes! Forest Products ships lumber daily with quantities varying from one board to as much as you want. For a board or two we have found that shipping via the United States Postal Service has been the most cost efficient way to go. We also use United Parcel Service with excellent results. For larger shipments we have contracted with a shipping broker to ensure the best delivery service at the best price.

Is all of the lumber at Forest Products locally grown?
The exotics are not, they come from sustainably and responsibly harvested sources around the world. A great deal of our domestic lumber is purchased from local mills with “local” ranging from right here on our property in Franklin County, Western Massachusetts, to our wide variety of suppliers located throughout New England.

What’s up with your “Q” grading system?
Our grading system is based on a hierarchy of quality with each board in our bins marked from left to right with “board footage”, “grade”, “specie”, and “length”.

  • Top grade (QS) is “Quality Special”, clear 2 face, straight and flat.
  • Next is (Q1), “Quality One”, clear minimum 1 face, and allows up to 1/4 inch bend, bow or cup.
  • Next is (Q20) to Next is (Q2)
  • QZ designates twist or other problem “not good enough to be a Q2”.
  • In the case of Cherry, for instance, where color is also a factor we add a “*” for red 2 face on a 90/80 minimum or designate “Natural” if it has more than the allowable sap.
  • QQ stands for Quartersawn Quality.
  • Flooring Grades and Rustic Grades will have the numbers “3”, “4” and “5” being a usable knotty board with progressively more defects.

Note: Comparative competitive pricing is always difficult when adding in color along with grade.

Shipping and Returns

Return Policy
Products are returnable for store credit, with authorization. Shipping is not refundable.