How to Fix Three Common Woodworking Mistakes

Regardless of how many years they’ve been doing it or what types of projects they work on, anyone who loves woodworking has made their fair share of mistakes. People don’t make mistakes because they aren’t talented woodworkers; it’s just a complicated hobby and takes years and years to master! Thankfully, there are tips and tricks for correcting common mistakes that everyone has probably made at least once. As a trusted lumber store in Franklin County, MA, we’ve seen all sorts of mistakes throughout the years, and we know how to fix them! Continue reading to learn more about these mistakes and how you can correct them without having to start your project over from scratch:

  • Router burn: Light-colored woods like maple and oak are not only beautiful pieces—they’re also usually enjoyable to work with. However, there’s a catch: these pieces are easy to burn if you’re working with an edge router. The worst part is that it’s nearly impossible to get burns out once you’ve made this mistake. Sanding them certainly doesn’t work, especially if you’re working with a complicated router profile. Thankfully, there’s a solution to this problem. All you need to do is adjust the depth of cut on your router bit to a bit deeper than you were initially using. If you’re careful, you can mill off the burned wood without causing any more damage.
  • Gaps in face frame joints: Folks who enjoy building cabinets know the advantage of adding a beautiful face frame to the front of the piece. They also know that it’s easy to cut the face frame too short and end up with a gap on one side or the other. Don’t throw that miscut piece out, though! That’s a waste of money, and cutting another piece will only make the project take longer. Instead, use your pipe clamps to pull the stiles so that they fit against the edges of the frame. Reinforce the frame by drilling a hole for ¼” dowels and swabbing glue on the top.
  • Glue smears: Imagine finally getting around to staining or sealing your project when suddenly an ugly glue smear appears! The smears are the result of the glue not absorbing the finishing liquids at the same time as the surrounding wood, and you’re left with a bright, ugly blemish. Don’t waste your time trying to sand it off. Instead, head down to your local lumber store in Franklin County, MA and pick up a sharp cabinet scraper. Even if the area is still wet, a few scrapes should get rid of that nasty glue. As an added bonus, the wood curls will be much easier to clean up than dust from sandpaper would be.

The tricks above are sure to help correct your mistakes, but if not, visit our lumber store in Franklin County, MA. One of the friendly professionals at Forest Products Associates will be glad to give you some more tips about fixing your mistake. We look forward to assisting you soon!