Why Are There Streaks in My Wood Stain?

Properly finished wood products can add a sleek, professional veneer to your home or office. Wood products that have streaked or bubbled finish, however, look aesthetically unappealing and can undo hours of difficult interior design coordination. Working with a qualified lumber store in Franklin County, MA can help you to ensure that your wood is sealed and stained in a manner that keeps it looking great for years to come.

Types of stains

Streaks are most likely to form when the stain pools or drips and then dries too quickly to be suitably wiped up. In oil-based stains, which can be thinned and cleaned with mineral distillates, this problem was much less common. Recently, however, water- and gel-based stains, which are known for drying much more quickly, have become far more common in hardware stores and lumber stores.

These faster drying stains are much more difficult to work with, as they leave little room for error during the application process. They also are usually not able to be washed away with mineral spirits or some other type of stripping solution. The best way to avoid streaking when staining wood is to select the right kind of stain.

Best practices for wood staining

There are, however, several other helpful tips that can make your wood-stained furniture or other product look professional and inviting.

Always begin your staining process by testing out the stain and brush on a piece of scrap wood. This actually serves two purposes; it will allow you to see how thickly the stain must be applied and how quickly it dries, and it will also let you remove any loose hairs or other debris from your brush.

Before applying your stain, start out by taking a cheap, disposable brush and applying a layer of wood conditioner. This eliminates the need for excessive sanding. After applying the wood conditioner, let it dry for at least 15 minutes before you begin applying the wood stain.

Oil-based stains are made up of dyes and pigments that have been suspended in mineral spirits. It’s essential that you thoroughly stir your can of stain prior to applying it to your wood. Lumber stores can help you determine the best way to mix up and prepare your particular can of stain. It is also essential to use your oil-based stain exclusively in an area with proper ventilation to avoid damaging your lungs with fumes.

Wood stain can be applied with either a brush or a rag, depending on your personal preference. If you are using a brush, work the stain both against the grain and with it. You shouldn’t worry about being neat. All of your efforts should be focused on applying a thick, even coat across your entire piece of lumber.

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