Creative Ways to Stabilize Cracks with Epoxy in Live Edge Wood in Franklin County, MA

Handmade wood products are some of the loveliest things to own. Because each tree is unique, the products made will also be unique, which means woodworkers can offer their customers a nice selection of one-of-a-kind pieces. For instance, in this article we will take a look at some creative ways to stabilize cracks, slits and other voids with epoxy in live edge wood in Franklin County, MA. But before we move on, here are a few terms specific to wood and woodworking that you should know:

  • Live edge wood: Trees that are harvested for their wood to make tables, shelving and other objects with a flat top surface are often chosen for their beauty, as well as their strength. Items like these often have a very natural appearance, in that a tabletop surface will show all the fine wood grains, knots and color just as they were when the wood was cut. The wood slab then has its bark removed to reveal the unique wood qualities underneath, hence the term “live edge wood.” Another important characteristic is that it keeps the original lines of the tree trunk that lie along the edges.
  • Wood epoxy: This is a tough glue-like adhesive used as a wood filler on voids around knots and cracks, slits and other surface defects in the wood. Once applied, the epoxy hardens to stabilize and strengthen the object.

The following are some classic as well as new trends that people use to fill in defects in raw lumber. Things being placed in wood cracks and then sealed with clear epoxy might include:

  • Pennies: The various copper shades of pennies make for exquisite wood projects. You’ve seen penny coated floors and walls, but you can also use the coins to fill in sizable gaps in wood.
  • Flowers, leaves or pinecones: If you want a nature inspired tabletop, use dried flowers, leaves or little pinecones (or a combination) in cracks; an application of clear epoxy resins will make it pop.
  • Bugs: Don’t use live bugs! Order enough of your favorite preserved creepy crawlers online to fill voids in wood slabs, or even combine bugs with leaves and rocks to create a scene.
  • Seashells: If you love the ocean, then consider seashells, dried starfish or even specks of sand. These make a perfect addition to a tabletop, whether you live near the ocean or not.
  • Stones: Colorful stones can be encased in epoxy to look like there’s a tiny river flowing through your table, or you can cluster pebbles together in rounder voids.
  • Colored pigments: You can use a tinted epoxy to fill naturally occurring cracks on all sorts of furniture pieces. The tint is made from a fast drying epoxy and a small amount of color pigment (like a wood stain) mixed together on a scrap of wood before being applied to the defects.

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