Why You Should Use Exotic Lumber for Your Next Project

If you’re doing some remodeling around your home or have a smaller woodworking project coming up, you might be considering using exotic wood in Franklin County, MA. There are many options available, and it gives you a chance to work with something different than your common oaks, pines, maples, cherries and other familiar woods you’d find at most lumber yards.

When we talk about “exotic” woods, we generally are talking about woods from South America, Africa and Asia—woods that come from other locations around the world that have very unique properties. Exotic woods are often characterized by unique colors, including deep oranges and reds, velvety browns and rich purples.

But it’s not just the wide variety of unusual colors that make exotic lumber such an attractive prospect for people doing woodwork in their homes. Here are just a few examples of some of the other benefits of using exotic wood in Franklin County, MA:

  • Durability: Exotic woods are known for being highly durable. Many of them are capable of lasting for more than 100 years, if cared for properly. It’s not just the long-lasting nature of the wood itself that’s attractive, either—it’s also the long-lasting nature of the color. If you’re choosing exotic woods for their color in the first place, it’s helpful to know that color will last for many years.
  • Simple maintenance: While maintenance can vary a bit depending on the type of wood you select, for the most part exotic woods tend to be relatively maintenance free. You’ll be able to maintain their unique aesthetic value long after the job is done—just sweep, vacuum or wipe it, and use cleaning solutions from time to time to help maintain its sheen and finish.
  • Valuable: Exotic wood flooring is attractive, durable and easy to maintain, all of which help it to add a significant amount of value to your home. If part of the reason why you’re implementing exotic wood in your home, whether it’s for flooring or permanent woodwork fixtures, is to get the most value out of the improvement, you will certainly achieve that effect by using exotic wood.
  • Versatile: The durability of exotic wood makes it highly versatile. You can use it for flooring, fixtures, cabinetry, coffee tables, fine furniture and more. Not all types of wood can be used for so many different types of projects.
  • Insulation: Exotic hardwood flooring is a natural insulator. Wood in general is warmer than other types of flooring, and the thickness and hardness of exotic wood makes it extra beneficial in terms of its insulating properties.
  • Wide variety available: There are so many different varieties of exotic wood available that you’re certain to be able to get the exact look you want.

These are just a few of the main reasons why so many people swear by using exotic wood in Franklin County, MA. For more information about the types of woods we have at our lumber yard, contact Forest Products Associates today. We look forward to assisting you!