What Are the Benefits of Using Reclaimed Wood in Franklin County, MA?

When you’re looking at a new woodworking or home improvement project that uses wood, why not consider using reclaimed wood in Franklin County, MA rather than purchasing brand-new wood for the project? Reclaimed wood is wood that has been used in other projects, such as the flooring in an old home or roof beams used for new purposes. While the idea of recycling wood for new projects is certainly not new, it has seen a huge resurgence in popularity in recent years among DIY-ers, and you’ll find an unlimited number of reclaimed wood ideas on sites like Pinterest.

Here are just a few of the benefits associated with using reclaimed wood in projects at your home.

Environmental benefits

As you have likely heard, there are many areas around the United States and the world that have been suffering from the effects of significant deforestation. It’s better for the environment if we preserve the trees we have left and use wood that is already available to us. Just like recycling plastic and aluminum is better for the environment than letting it sit in a landfill, recycling wood is better for the environment than continually chopping down more trees.

In addition, the fewer construction materials you send to the landfill, the better, as it results in less pollution of the environment. Wood doesn’t always decompose properly in a landfill, because it gets mixed with other forms of waste.

Finally, many creatures in forests rely on trees for their habitats and food sources. It’s better for these animals if we recycle wood as much as possible.

Quality differences

Depending on when the wood was used and when the old structure was built, you might notice some significant differences in the boards used back then versus the boards used today. Modern timber flooring, for example, has planks that are much narrower than the planks used in the Victorian and Edwardian eras, because the trees these days are not allowed to grow to their full potential size before being harvested for use in flooring.

In addition, the age of reclaimed wood actually gives the timber more strength and durability. Older wood is less likely to split than new flooring, because it’s already gone through all the weathering, expanding and contracting it’s going to do. It’s already stood the test of time, which means you can rely on it to continue to do so in the future.

Better appearance

As we already mentioned, the wood from reclaimed timber was grown for much longer than the wood in newer timber. This means there are going to be many more interesting markings and knots to add character and charm to the wood. The way the wood has worn also gives it a unique sense of history, which makes every piece individual and special. New wood can look great, but simply lacks this unique sense of character.

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