Great Decorating Ideas that Use Live Edge Wood in Franklin County, MA

“Live edge” wood has become extremely popular in the world of interior decorating over the last several years. This is wood that still has its natural edge on it, uncut and mostly unmodified. It provides a natural feel to the wood that creates some cozy living spaces. When used correctly, it adds a nice sense of asymmetry in homes, where we are often focused on perfect lines and smooth surfaces.

If you have a lot of rustic décor already, live wedge wood in Franklin County is right up your alley. Here are a few decorating ideas that feature live edge wood that you might consider using in your home.

  • Floating shelves: You can cut down one edge of the board for a flat, level surface in the back to put up against a wall, and leave the other edge of the board in its natural state. Not only will these be sturdy shelves capable of holding quite a bit of weight, but they’ll also provide an undeniably cool appearance to your living area.
  • Kitchen countertops: This isn’t an idea that will fit with all kitchens—you’ll want to make sure that the wood you use and the live edge style will flow well with the rest of your kitchen décor. However, there are some settings in which live edge kitchen countertops are simply gorgeous. Keep in mind you’ll need to keep up with maintenance whenever using wood as a countertop material.
  • Bathroom vanities: Bathrooms often benefit greatly from the use of wood, stone and natural-looking tiles. Live edge wood tops on vanities and bathroom shelves can provide a soothing appearance that transports you into the middle of the woods.
  • Desks: Live edge desktops are extremely popular, both for writing and computer desks. There’s something very stately and regal about live edge designs, which can make them fit in well in office spaces when the décor flows well.
  • Dining room tables: As more people opt for “rustic” designs in their homes including their dining spaces, live edge tables are really taking off. A big, beautiful and bold live-edge table is complemented well by bench seating and other rustic elements.
  • Wall mirrors: Many woodworkers who use live edge designs have provided their own spin on wooden framed wall mirrors, using slabs of live edge wood on either vertical side of the mirror. The outer edge of the slab is cut vertically, with the inner edge remaining natural, providing a neat shape for the reflection.
  • Benches: If you’ve been looking for the perfect way to finish off your hallway, entry room, foyer or mudroom, you might consider using a live edge slab as a bench top.

These are just a few of the many ways designers are using live edge wooden furniture in their interior decorating. If you’re looking for more ideas for how to use live edge wood in Franklin County, MA, we encourage you to contact our team today and we’ll give you more tips.