Tips for Working with Natural Edge Wood Slabs in Franklin County, MA

Furniture and décor made with natural edge wood slabs can enhance the aesthetic of a space. These beautiful natural wood pieces can be stained, shaped and incorporated into a variety of different pieces while still maintaining their authenticity and natural beauty. If you’re ready to get started on a project using natural edge wood slabs in Franklin County, MA, you’re probably worried about executing your design without compromising the quality or appearance of your wood slab. Thankfully, there are a few things that you can do to maximize your chance of success and ensure that you are left with a beautiful finished product.

Using wood slabs

Once you’ve chosen a wood slab, it’s time to get ready to incorporate it into your project. First, remove the bark from your slab using a rounded chisel. You’ll need to take the bark off of your wood slab to prevent it from falling off later on, and to ensure that there aren’t any insect infestations in your slab. Even after removing your bark, your slab will still have natural texture that maintains its visual interest. If you cut your own wood slab, you will need to ensure that the faces are flat and level. You can use a plunge router and jig to complete this. If you don’t have the supplies or expertise for this task, it might be best to buy your slab from a wood supplier who can level out the face for you.

Cracks in your natural wood slab can add character, but it’s still important to reinforce these weaknesses to prevent the splitting from getting worse down the road. You can use a technique called butterfly keys to address cracks without altering the appearance of your wood on the surface. If the crack runs through the depth of your wood slab, flip it over and focus on the underside. You’ll make wooden butterfly-shaped keys and trace their shape on your wood along the crack. Next, chisel out the shape to create a notch that matches the depth of your butterfly keys. Next, you’ll set the keys in place with epoxy, sand them down to match the depth of your wood and secure the crack.

When you’re ready to secure your slab to its base, it’s best to use figure-eight fasteners. These fasteners are easy to install and they can prevent damage to your slab as a result of shrinkage or expansion. After everything is placed, sand your slab with progressively finer paper for a smooth finish. After sanding, all that’s left is to apply finish as desired.

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