Emerald Ash Borer: A Threat to Our Ash Trees

In the early half of the 20th century, a foreign fungal blight swept across North America, effectively rendering the American chestnut tree extinct. Today, thanks to technological advances and ongoing conservation efforts, companies are making an effort to bring the American chestnut tree back to life. Unfortunately, yet another invading pest is now beginning to wreak havoc on the nation’s forests and timber supplies: the emerald ash borer.

Ash is a common, useful wood that offers beautiful results when implemented in construction projects. Ash is known for its rich, textured appearance and stunning natural color. You can learn more about the construction benefits of ash by visiting a wood store in Franklin County, MA.

One of the most common ways that insects and fungal infections are transmitted from forest to forest is by the movement of timber and firewood. If you are planning to go on any summer camping trips this coming year, there are a number of steps you can take to help prevent the propagation of the emerald ash borer, including:

  • Elevate your wood: Be sure to keep your woodpile elevated and off the ground. Use a pallet or something similar to help your woodpile avoid directly touching the earth’s surface—this is one of the most common ways firewood becomes infected by insects. If you are travelling, bring a tarp to lay under your wood pile.
  • Cycle through your pile: Don’t fill up your pile before you’ve reached the bottom logs, only to start pulling from the top again. This will cause your bottom logs to become damp, and they may start to decay before you can burn them, inviting mold and insects. Cycling through your entire woodpile, however, prevents this from occurring.
  • Keep it covered: You should use a tarp or other water-resistant surface to keep your woodpile covered from rain and other elements. Damp wood attracts insects and is the perfect breeding ground for molds and fungi. Covering your wood can help stop the spread of parasites.
  • Buy from reputable, local sources: You should only purchase your wood from local sources that use sustainable wood brokers. You should visit a wood store in Franklin County, MA to learn more about ethical places in your area where you can purchase firewood.

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