Use Epoxy to Fix Rotten Spots During Wood Restoration: Tips from a Wood Store in Franklin County, MA

Wood is a reliable building material that has been used in construction for thousands of years. In addition to its wide availability and long-lasting durability, natural lumber also has a uniquely beautiful aesthetic, and it can be found in a variety of different styles, colors and textures.

Regardless of what kind of lumber you use, aging and regular wear and tear over time can eventually take a toll on the quality of your wood. Exposure to the elements and other kinds of damage can lead to decaying or rotting wood. This decay can decrease the structural integrity of your wood and may eventually cause it to fall apart. Fortunately, along with products purchased at a local wood store in Franklin County, MA, there are some simple steps you can take to restore and strengthen your decaying wood.

Using wood restoration products

The first thing you will need to do when you begin the process of restoring your wood is to strip it of any paint. In many cases, stripping the paint from wood actually makes people aware of rotting and decay that has taken place. Evaluate your wood to determine the extent of the damage and identify all of the wood that you want to restore. Next, you should find the right wood restoration product or epoxy for your needs. There are two basic product types that you should consider when you are restoring your wood: epoxy fillers and epoxy penetrants.

Epoxy fillers are a kind of putty that can be applied to rebuild the structure of a piece of wood. Once it hardens, it becomes a solid material that can be used to replace portions of your lumber that have decayed or rotted away. Epoxy penetrants, meanwhile, are painted onto wood and are designed to seep into wood and make the piece of lumber water- and insect-proof. As it dries, it hardens and can strengthen the wood itself. You can use several coats of an epoxy penetrant over the course of several days to maximize the benefits. Simply apply a coat, and allow it to dry fully before the next application.

Finishing the job

Once you’ve used epoxy to repair or reinforce your decaying wood, you can finish or paint it as normal. Of course, if the rot is located on a portion of your home that is critical to its structural integrity, such as a support beam or a column, it’s a good idea to consider fully replacing the rotting wood for the sake of maintaining the safety of your home. You can pick up replacement wood materials at a wood store in Franklin County, MA, where you can also get advice on choosing materials.

Visit a wood store in Franklin County, MA

Wood structures can be beautiful and durable pieces of construction, but there may come a time when replacing some of your wood materials is in order. When this happens, you can stop by Forest Products Associates. We stock a wide range of quality lumber and wood products, including everything from live-edge slabs to many exotic wood species. Regardless of what you’re looking for, we would be happy to help you find it!