Six Woodworking Projects That Will Ignite Your Creativity

There is nothing quite like the rush that comes from creating something beautiful that’s all your own—especially when it’s made from wood! As your premier wood store in Franklin County, MA, we are always excited to hear about the projects our customers are working on, and we love to share our own woodworking finds to provide all of you with inspiration. So, without further ado, here are six of our latest inspiring woodworking projects. If you try your hand at any of them, let us know!

  • Reclaimed serving utensils: Reclaimed wood is the perfect medium for crafting truly unique serving spoons, salad forks and other unusual utensils. Sand the natural wood, or apply a finish of your choosing to make the wood stand out.
  • Serving bowls: Whether you need something decorative for your coffee table or want to have a serving dish for your bread rolls this holiday season, making your own wooden bowl could be just the ticket. Try an oval shape with a shallow bottom to highlight personal items like buckeyes, marbles or other décor. Or, make it a little deeper and add a colorful serving towel to use it for dining.
  • Wooden chain links: Sometimes the most memorable wood projects don’t have a strictly practical application. When you shop at your preferred wood store in Franklin County, MA, keep an eye out for wood grains, types and colors that tug at your creative spirit. One of our favorite decorative items is a series of linked “chains” made from wood. Try three or more and place them on a mantel, bedside table or other frequently viewed area to make your own unique statement.
  • Wood and metal candleholders: If you’ve been looking for a creative way to display candles, consider a tall wooden base with metal holders on either side. The combination of wood and metal is a time-honored marriage of two beautiful mediums. Consider giving your wood a rich, dark varnish to really set off the sheen of the metal.
  • Rustic wooden tables: The wonderful thing about tables is that they can be made in almost any style, from almost any type of wood. Give yours a smooth finish or carve an intricate design. Make it light or dark, and consider a three- or four-legged style. Shop for the best wood varieties at a reputable wood store in Franklin County, MA to make sure you get a high quality finished product.
  • Garden benches: What’s more romantic than a wooden bench for your backyard? We can’t really think of anything! Choose a durable wood and give it a strong finish to ensure it is properly resistant to the elements. Just ask us if you need any advice about the best wood and supplies for your project.

When it comes to fine wood for all your projects, no one beats the service, prices and quality of Forest Products Associates. Stop in or give us a call today to see how we can help you create your finest woodworking projects yet.