Why Plant Chestnut Trees

Chestnut trees are beautiful, productive organisms known for their high-quality woods and delicious fruits. Planting chestnut trees is an excellent way to make the most of your garden space and enhance the natural beauty of your property. Investing in chestnut trees can help you add value to your land. They are also a renewable source of rare woods in Franklin County, MA.

Health benefits

Chestnuts, the wintertime fruit that chestnut trees bear, also carry a number of health benefits. Here are just some of the benefits associated with eating chestnuts:

  • Immune boosting: Like citrus fruits, chestnuts contain an extremely high volume of vitamin C. They also contain a number of antioxidants, which can help prevent the spread of cancer.
  • Diabetes prevention: Chestnuts contain a high concentration of dietary fiber, meaning that they help your body absorb sugars at a slower rate. This can help you prevent the spike-dip cycle that spurs on diabetic episodes.
  • Aids digestive issues: The high amount of fiber in chestnuts also helps ease cramped stomachs, and can improve overall digestion. If you are experiencing digestive issues, you should eat a couple of chestnuts!
  • Controls blood pressure: Chestnuts have a high concentration of potassium, meaning that they are an essential tool you can use to improve control over your blood pressure. Potassium makes you less likely to suffer from a heart attack or stroke.

Land benefits

There are a number of benefits you will experience on your property after planting chestnut trees, including:

  • Fast growing: Chestnuts provide a rapid return on investment. Within just 30 years, chestnut trees will be at a size where they can be harvested for lumber.
  • Excellent shade: Both American and Chinese chestnut trees provide an excellent level of shade.
  • Beautifies property: Investing in chestnut trees can help you beautify your property. Chestnut trees boast attractive bark and intricate root systems.
  • Desirable wood: Chestnuts are a prime source of rare woods in Franklin County, MA. Chestnut wood is used in high-quality construction projects around the world.

How to plant

With proper care and attention, chestnut trees can live for decades, adding beauty and value to your property. Proper care and attention begin during the planting process.

If you’re planning to plant a chestnut tree, begin the process by finding a chestnut that’s recently fallen from a healthy, pollinated tree. Age the nut inside your refrigerator for three months, and then plant it inside a milk carton with the bottom cut out. You can move the chestnut outside after regular frost is no longer falling, usually in mid-May. Water the chestnut weekly.

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