Installing New Flooring? Here Are Five Advantages of Using Walnut Wood in Franklin County, MA

If you are thinking about upgrading your current flooring to hardwood, then you should seriously consider all that walnut lumber has to offer. Walnut is pretty, durable and available at your local lumberyard in a variety of color shades and grain designs. Here are five of the advantages of using walnut wood in Franklin County, MA for your new floor installation:

  • Durable: Being a nice looking hardwood, walnut lumber is a popular choice for flooring in residential homes and business buildings. There are several varieties of walnut that range in color and grain, all of which are considered softer hardwoods. The good thing about walnut wood is that it holds strong under pressure and with constant use, and thanks to its grain design, minor damages—like dents, cracks, chips and scratches—are not always noticeable.
  • Easy to install: Whether you decide to install your new hardwood flooring yourself or hire a professional for the job, you’ll be glad to know that walnut wood in Franklin County, MA is pretty easy to install. The process requires a few specific materials and tools, which can be purchased at your local home improvement store, but keep in mind that some wood planks will need cutting or shaping to fit properly into corners, around floorboards and to fill in uneven areas.
  • Low maintenance: The natural strength of walnut lumber makes it an ideal wood flooring choice, but that does not mean it can be neglected after installation. That means you must sweep, vacuum and polish as a part of preventive maintenance. And although walnut wood flooring is largely water resistant, it’s still best to wipe up wet messes immediately to avoid spilled liquids seeping in between boards. Regular cleaning and maintenance will keep your floor strong and looking good for years to come.
  • Natural beauty: From dark and grainy to light with less grain, all varieties of walnut wood offer your floor a natural beauty that is second to none. The wood is so lovely that you may even want to incorporate more of it into other aspects of your home. Without a doubt, walnut floors will stay vibrant and unique with proper care and maintenance.
  • Refinish instead of replacing: Like most hardwood floors, it’s inevitable that your walnut flooring will eventually show its age. For starters, normal wear and tear sustained over the years will be more apparent. Luckily, dense and noticeable wear or light damage can be sanded or buffed down to rejuvenate a walnut wood floor surface without having a negative impact on its integrity or appearance. Ultimately, you might be able to refinish planks needing minor repairs as opposed to replacing them.

Putting in a brand new floor takes a lot of thought and planning. For a wide selection of exotic and domestic lumber—including the best quality walnut wood in Franklin County, MA—for all your home improvement projects, visit Forest Products Associates. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to help guide you through all your wood options!