Why Should Wood Be Sustainably Harvested?

Trees are one of our world’s greatest resources. They are used for energy and as building materials, and are essential to our ecosystem. However, due to illegal logging practices and deforestation, this important resource is quickly diminishing. But there are things we can do to prevent the destruction of our trees, and one is buying sustainably harvested wood from a wood store in Franklin County, MA.

What is sustainably harvested wood?

Certified sustainable woods come from forests that are carefully managed to support the sustainable harvesting of trees. Most people are familiar with the first part of this process, which is simply to replace trees that are being harvested by planting new trees; however, it is a little more complicated than that. How quickly it takes a tree to reach maturity, the surrounding environment and other variables all factor into what percentage of a certain tree can be forested and how many new trees must be planted.

The second part is to manage the environment as a whole. The landscape is carefully managed to prevent damage to the ecosystems, avoid watersheds and ensure the continued support of wildlife. Think of it as looking at the big picture of how trees support a particular environment rather than just replacing a tree by planting a new tree.

Why buy sustainably harvested wood?

Most of us realize that sustainably harvesting trees helps protect our forests from disappearing and ensures that our wood resources are continually replenished, but buying sustainable woods has a profound effect in a variety of other ways as well:

  • Reduces the effects of carbon dioxide: Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that can be damaging to our environment when emitted at high levels. Trees help absorb carbon dioxide and reduce its negative effects.
  • Creates oxygen: Trees turn carbon dioxide into oxygen for us to breathe. In fact, one mature tree can produce enough oxygen in one season for 10 people to breathe for a whole year.
  • Helps protect wildlife: Our forests are home to many varieties of wildlife and endangered species. By protecting these forests, we are protecting the animals that live there.
  • Preserves economies and cultural lifestyles: Some countries depend on trees and their forest environments to make their own living. By buying sustainably harvested woods, we can help discourage illegal deforestation and protect the economies and ways of life for people in other countries.

At Forest Products Associates, we truly care about the environment and are passionate about doing our part to support sustainable harvesting. At our wood store in Franklin County, MA, we only carry sustainably harvested lumber. When you shop here, you will not only be getting a wide variety of beautiful woods to choose from, but you will also get the satisfaction of knowing that, no matter what type of wood you choose to buy, you are buying wood that has been sustainably harvested. To learn more about the types of woods we carry at our wood store in Franklin County, MA and where they are sourced from, stop in or give us a call today!