Reduce Potential Risks When Purchasing Hardwood Lumber in Franklin County, MA

The pricing of hardwood lumber in Franklin County, MA changes with relative frequency. These prices fluctuate based on the overall supply and demand for hardwood on a global level. If you’re looking at purchasing hardwood lumber in large quantities, then, there is going to be some element of risk involved, as you might not know for sure whether the time is ideal to purchase based on current prices in the industry.

Sometimes, buyers of hardwood lumber believe deciding to purchase the lumber is too risky. However, there are some ways you can cut back on the amount of risk you potentially face with your purchase.

The best way to do this is to always purchase high-quality lumber, and take steps to reduce your lumber waste.

Hardwood lumber quality

As you are likely aware if you purchase lumber in large quantities, there are industry grading rules that give you an idea of what kind of quality you’re getting in your lumber purchase. The industry has several “ranges” of acceptability with lumber, and within each of these lumber grade ranges there might be many different kinds of lumber that will be a good fit for the manufacturing processes and applications you’re using, as well as plenty of others that do not fit what you’re looking for. You’ll find this is especially true in random length and width loads.

But let’s say one of the very first processes used in the manufacturing process is converting random-width lumber into exact widths. You can then try to purchase hardwood rips rather than random lumber, which will help you decrease the amount of overall risk you face in the purchase.

In buying rips, you pay the hardwood lumber supplier to manage some of your biggest production challenges on your behalf. In this sense, you are paying that supplier to get the lumber right for you. This means you are basically shifting any risk you face from yourself onto the manufacturer instead—taking quite a bit of weight off your shoulders and giving you much more peace of mind in the purchasing process.

In doing this, you put a lot of value back into your purchasing process. With hardware rips, you can then better manage your inventory, reduce the stockpiling of some of your unusable parts and significantly cut back on the lumber waste you generate. You’ll also be able to cut back on the handling costs with your lumber, and put more employees back to work in other, more valuable areas of your business, rather than having them focus on managing hardwood inventory.

At Forest Products Associates, we’re pleased to answer any questions you have for us about how you can more efficiently purchase high-quality hardwood lumber in Franklin County, MA. Our team has significant experience in selling hardwood and helping people fill their orders to get exactly what they need. For more information about the hardwood we have and the services we provide, contact our team today—we look forward to working with you soon!