Flooring with Tropical Hardwood Lumber in Franklin County, MA

Are you interested in putting some new hardwood flooring in your home, but want a different look than the standard oak or maple floors found in most homes? If you’re willing to spend a little extra money, you’re able to use some types of tropical hardwood lumber in Franklin County, MA for your home projects.

Here are a few examples of some of the tropical hardwood lumber species that are most frequently used for flooring applications:

  • Bloodwood: The color and grain are the most distinguishing features of bloodwood. The color will vary from a grayish to pinkish red hue. It has a very noticeable grain, and can be either straight or irregular. This type of wood is also known for its hardness. It is, for example, twice as hard as a particularly hard maple, which makes it an extremely durable material for flooring and helps it stand up to long-term usage.
  • Caribbean rosewood: Caribbean rosewood is a beautiful type of tropical hardwood with a very unique color scheme, consisting of various shades of yellow, brown and red. Its curly, interlocking grain has a wild, unpredictable sort of appearance, and almost looks as though there is black striping painted on it, though this is actually a natural part of the wood grain.
  • Jatoba: Also known as Brazilian cherry, Jatoba is a gorgeous hardwood that comes in colors ranging from a reddish brown to a blood orange type of color with some very clear, distinct dark streaking patterns in the grain. It is certain to pop in any environment, adding a significant amount of appeal to your home’s chosen room. Jatoba is extremely hard, even compared to many other hardwoods, which makes it a popular option among people who are looking particularly for durability out of their hardwood flooring.
  • Tigerwood: Tigerwood has a striping pattern that sort of resembles the coat of a tiger. It has vibrant lines of yellow, orange, brown and tan, which gives it a very unique character that makes it stand out from other types of hardwoods, even tropical options. Many designers and decorators use tigerwood to make a bold statement in their interior spaces. While it’s not right for every room, it can certainly be luxurious when used correctly and paired well with other types of décor and designs.
  • Zebrawood: Zebrawood has a dark hardwood and light sapwood, which give it a contrasting striped appearance that gives it its name. It is a very hard wood, harder than both red and white oak, which means it will stand up to long-term wear and tear and exposure to sunlight. It’s a bold design choice that will give your home a strikingly luxurious appearance.

These are just five examples of some of the most popular types of tropical hardwood lumber in Franklin County, MA used for flooring. We encourage you to contact Forest Products Associates today to learn more about the various types of wood species we have available, and which are best used for flooring.