What’s up with your “Q” grading system?

Our grading system is based on a hierarchy of quality with each board in our bins marked from left to right with “board footage”, “grade”, “specie”, and “length”.

  • Top grade (QS) is “Quality Special”, clear 2 face, straight and flat.
  • Next is (Q1) “Quality One”, clear minimum 1 face, and allows up to 1/4 inch bend, bow or cup.
  • Next is (Q2) Quality 2, while still upper grade, it does not have to be clear either face, and admits up to 1/2" bend, bow or cup.
  • QZ is a downgrade sort, designates twist or other problem “not good enough to be a Q2”.
  • QQ stands for Quartersawn Quality.
  • Rustic or Character Grade is a usable knotty board with more defects (common grade).

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